Proactive Fire Safety Software

Custom Software Packages for

Building Owners

In the United States, there is a structure fire every 60 seconds, resulting in over 5,000 deaths and $9.4 billion in property damages annually. Having the right equipment (including doors, extinguishers, and hydrants) is an important part of fire protection, but ensuring that everything is maintained properly is critical. All equipment fails over time. How you monitor and repair your fire protection equipment can mean the difference between a regular day at the office and a devastating loss of life and property. Firebrand Pro offers customized solutions to meet your needs, and keep your buildings safe.

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Fire Officials

Firebrand Pro offers fire protection software with “real time” data access on an easy to use interface. Our system pulls directly from NFPA standards and fire codes, enabling you to quickly and thoroughly document safety concerns from most computers, tablets or mobile devices. You can monitor fire doors, fire extinguishers and other types of fire safety inspection equipment, log any safety deficiencies and create detailed reports to track corrective action.

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Equip Inspectors

Firebrand Pro was designed by fire inspectors for inspectors.  Our fire protection software combines a platform that can be quickly and easily edited on the go, without sacrificing the thoroughness and precision that your job demands. In depth reporting features, prepopulated drop down menus and the ability to “write in” your own inspection details will save you time and money. You can even customize our software with your own company colors and logo, so your customers will see your branding on the reports you provide.

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