Proactive Fire Safety Software

Fire Doors

Fire doors are a critical component of fire safety. They are designed to resist a spreading fire, helping to compartmentalize different areas of your facility to protect the occupants and enable everyone to get out safely.

But like most equipment, fire doors can deteriorate over time. When left unattended, there are many fire door failures that can cost lives:

  • Incorrect gaps
  • Doors not engaging
  • Faulty closers
  • Glazing not done to specification
  • Faulty or damaged fire seals
  • Faulty hinges
  • Incorrect or damaged fitting

Suffice to say, many lives have been lost in fires, where the deaths were directly attributable to malfunctioning fire doors or fire doors that were not properly maintained. That is why the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) updated their standard NFPA 80 in 2007 to require annual fire door inspections.

Using Firebrand Pro fire inspection software to keep track of fire door inspections, you can ensure that your fire doors are properly maintained to their original full protection status. Regardless of which stage of the fire inspection and fire prevention process you are in, Firebrand Pro can help you monitor, inspect, track repairs, communicate with work teams,  and report results, keeping you and your company compliant with national fire standards and fire codes. For more information, contact us to arrange a free demonstration of Firebrand Pro fire protection software.