Proactive Fire Safety Software

Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective fire safety solution available. According to the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, 94 percent of the time a portable fire extinguisher is used, it puts out the fire, typically within the first two minutes. Given that the cost of portable fire extinguishers is roughly one cent per square foot, there is no excuse for deficient fire extinguisher coverage.

Like all fire equipment, however, fire extinguishers must be regularly inspected and properly maintained to ensure they are working correctly during a fire. Lack of proper pressurization, a ruptured or corroded hose or nozzle, an improperly sealed pin, chemical imbalances in the foam or powder, and vandalism can all seriously degrade a fire extinguisher and cause malfunction. For that reason, the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) NFPA 10 requires regular monthly and yearly fire extinguisher inspections to ensure that the extinguisher works properly.

Using Firebrand Pro fire inspection software to keep track of fire extinguisher inspections, you can ensure that your fire extinguishers are properly maintained to their original functioning. Firebrand Pro can help you monitor, inspect, track repairs, communicate with work teams, and report results, keeping you and your company compliant with national fire standards and fire codes. For more information, contact us to arrange a free demonstration of Firebrand Pro fire protection software.