Proactive Fire Safety Software


Firebrand Pro fire protection software is an unparalleled tool to monitor and document fire safety equipment inspections.

Regardless of your role in fire safety – whether you are a building owner, fire official or equipment inspector, Firebrand Pro can help you in a number of ways:

  • Monitoring – Our web based software lets you keep detailed records of inspection sites and equipment analyzed. Equipment records can be accessed through the barcode scanner on most tablets or mobile devices, automatically pulling up equipment records that can be printed or modified.
  • Inspecting – Our system is preloaded with convenient drop down menus to ensure accurate inspections and record every conceivable type of status or repair, including the ability to “write in” your own inspection notes and upload photos for documentation.
  • Reporting – During inspections, you will have direct access to the full text of fire codes and National Fire Protection Association standards (after purchasing the PDFs from NFPA), letting you reference precise descriptions when assessing potential violations. You can even add your own documents to a private reference library, which can be easily accessed while working. Once complete, the results of your inspections can be displayed in 16 different filterable reports, which can then be exported into Excel or PDF.
  • Repairing – Results can be emailed, printed, or attached to work orders or invoices. Reminders can be set for a certain period of time if repairs have not been completed and logged. Aggregate data can be analyzed to identify “hot spots” of deterioration or repetitive damage, making prioritized repairs more efficient and effective.
  • Communicating – Different users can be given different levels of access, such as for in-house repair teams or contractors. Everyone can access the online system from most computers, smartphones or tablets. Results can be logged through a mobile device and appear in “real time” on your account, so supervisors can track repair progress and make spot adjustments while repair teams are still in the field.

Firebrand Pro gives you the tools you need to easily and accurately perform fire safety inspections, and the documentation required to back up your reports. Contact us to learn more, or try a free demonstration <hyperlink to free demo site> of the Firebrand Pro software.