Proactive Fire Safety Software

Building Owners

At Firebrand Pro, we understand the importance of balancing the safety and fire code compliance provided by fire protection services with the efficiency and cost effectiveness required in business.

Our fire protection software enables building owners to track and maintain the current conditions of fire doors, fire extinguishers and other types of fire protection equipment, through the convenience of a bar code that can be easily scanned by most tablets and mobile devices. Firebrand Pro creates a record for each piece of fire safety equipment, so you can see at a glance the level of compliance and plan necessary improvements. The in-depth reports help you to identify “hot spots” of deficiencies and repetitive damage, which makes prioritized repairs more efficient and productive.

Firebrand Pro makes coordination between repair teams easy, whether they are in-house or outside contractors, who can each be granted different levels of access to record their progress. Our software includes convenient drop down menus for almost every conceivable type of status or repair, as well as the ability to “write in” your own inspection notes and upload photos for documentation. It provides reminders after 45 days if a repair has not been completed, and includes 16 types of filterable reports that can be used to justify expense budgets.

Together, these features will ensure that your building is maintained in compliance with NFPA standards, using a wide range off standards documentation available to you in PDF format. Contact us if you want to learn more, or try a free demonstration of the software.