Proactive Fire Safety Software

Equipment Inspectors

Whether it’s active or passive fire protection equipment, accurate inspections can prevent deterioration and save lives. As an equipment inspector, you need the tools to quickly and easily perform fire safety equipment inspections, while maintaining the depth and accuracy that’s required to do the job well. Firebrand Pro fire protection software puts those tools at your fingertips.

With just a few clicks you can record a comprehensive analysis of fire safety equipment, including fire doors, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. The system is preloaded with a convenient check list of deficiencies to ensure accuracy, including drop down menus for almost every conceivable type of status or repair, as well as the ability to “write in” your own inspection notes and upload photos for documentation. The inspection notes include direct references to NFPA standards and fire codes, so you can specifically identify the fire code vioilation.

Using a scanner app or a wireless barcode scanner, you can quickly display a full inspection history for each piece of equipment inventoried. You can track before and after photos, to literally show the building owner the condition of their equipment.

When you’re done with the inspection, you can export everything into one of 16 different filterable reports to track progress, automatically creating work orders for failed inspections. The reports can be exported as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets for documentation purposes or to accompany invoices.  You can even customize the reports with your own company colors and logo, so your customers will see your branding on the reports you provide.

Have you ever gotten lost trying to find one fire door for inspection in a huge complex? With Firebrand Pro, you can add notes, photos and location description for any tracked equipment, to help you get the job done and get on your way. Using the mobile view on any tablet or mobile device, communication with field teams has never been easier.

Whether you’re en route to the equipment location, performing and documenting the inspection, or analyzing and sharing the results, Firebrand Pro can help you save time and money. Contact us to learn more, or try a free demonstration of the Firebrand Pro software.