Proactive Fire Safety Software

Fire Officials

As the industry experts, fire officials’ monitoring and documentation is vital to the safety and success of any building. Firebrand Pro provides you with an unparalleled tool to monitor and document fire safety equipment inspections, with volumes of data easily accessed on most tablets and mobile devices.

Our equipment lets you keep detailed records of inspection sites and equipment analyzed. The monitoring system is preloaded with convenient drop down menus for almost every conceivable type of status or repair, as well as the ability to “write in” your own inspection notes and upload photos for documentation.

Trying to find a particular fire door amidst a huge hospital complex? You can add notes, photos and location description for any tracked equipment to help you get the job done and get on your way.  Using the mobile view from most tablets or mobile devices, communication with field teams has never been easier.

When documenting fire code violations, you’ll have the codes and statutes at your fingertips for easy reference. Our system provides the capacity to upload PDFs into your own library. When you’re finished with the fire safety inspection, you can export everything into one of 16 different filterable reports to track progress, generate work orders or print for your records.

Firebrand Pro gives you the tools you need to easily and accurately perform fire safety inspections, and the documentation required to back up your reports. Contact us to learn more, or try a free demonstration of the Firebrand Pro software.